October 6, 2013
by Laura

Beauty News // OPI Rock Goddess & Essie Shearling Darling - 2 ♥

I’ve always had a thing for nail polish, which was pretty obvious when I was re-organizing my collection last week. Since our move a couple of months ago, I’d left my polishes sitting in the shoe box I moved them in. I got pretty tired of not having them stored properly, so I finally found some cute storage boxes at Zara Home and organized them on brand ánd color. The right way :-)

Thing is, having spent much time storing and organizing my polishes, my eye fell on two new upcoming collections. OPI introduced their collection for Halloween and Essie has a couple of new and exciting colors for winter.

Let’s have a look, shall we?OPI-Rock-Goddess-Halloween-2013 continue reading →

September 24, 2013
by Laura

New In // iPhone 5 Flip Case (Create&Case) - 8 ♥

iPhone 5 flip coverIf you’re a loyal reader of my blog or follow me on Twitter, you already know I’ve recently purchased an iPhone 5. My Blackberry just wasn’t enough, didn’t offer the apps I need and want for my blog, so an iPhone was a quick and logic choice. And I’m super happy! I can tell you, my life just got way easier #forreal

Anyway, since I’ve got a bit of self-knowledge, I knew from the very start that I needed a firm iPhone case before it would be too late. My previous Blackberry had seen the floor one too many times, and I wouldn’t want my new phone to break in pieces because of my possible clumsiness. continue reading →

September 21, 2013
by Laura

Lush Christmas 2013 Collection (Part 2) - 15 ♥

You ready for the second part of the Lush Christmas 2013 Collection?

I’m always excited for the holiday gifts Lush comes up with. It’s fun to discover what each box contains and they always have the coolest packaging.

Besides the many separate Christmas products, Lush did their very best to come up with a ton of Christmas gifts as well. Holy moly, we’re getting spoiled this year!!

This collection was inspired by 3 sources: William Morris (a British fabric designer), Brock’s Fireworks as inspiration for the prints and colors and Ziggy Stardust.

Prepare yourself for the second majorly long Lush blog post ;-)White Christmas_Noël Blanc_109,95__OpenWhite Christmas (109,95 EUR)

A selection of seperate bath products and soap from the Lush Christmas 2013 Collection. continue reading →

September 21, 2013
by Laura

Lush Christmas 2013 Collection (Part 1) - 6 ♥

Colder temperatures, warm wooly sweaters (in my case) and a steaming cup of tea. I’m thinking it’s the perfect time to have a closer look at what is one of my favorite collections of the year, the Lush Christmas Collection for 2013.

As usual, the collection features a bunch of separate goodies ánd a large choice of perfectly wrapped Christmas gifts.

Since this collection has so so many products to offer, I’ll start off with the 35 separate products. You’ll discover the Christmas gifts in another post a bit later.

Let’s have a look and get excited!


Lush Friends1. Bombardino (3,95 EUR)

Bombardino shares its name with a typical drink from the Alps and smells of rich lemon cheesecake. The bath ballistic also features cocoa butter to help soften the skin and fair trade vanilla absolute (the first worldwide! )for a fragranced bathing experience. Sicilian lemon oil is only the cherry on the cake!

2. Penguin (5,25 EUR)

The cutest little friend ever! Crumble Penguin under running water for a lovely scented foam bath. Orange flower absolute and Sicilian mandarin oil spread the lovely aromas. This product was inspired by the smallest penguins in the world, which are blue and come from Phillip Island in Australia. continue reading →

September 19, 2013
by Laura

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection 2013 - 4 ♥

MAC RiRi Hearts CollectionBesides her hot tunes and ability to pull of a pixi cut, Rihanna also shows of the most amazing and glowy skin in her new MAC advertisement. No wonder the beauty brand was excited to team up with her again, and is about to release ‘RiRi Hearts Fall 2013 Collection’.

You probably remember the (bright red) RiRi Woo lipstick featured in her earlier collection, which sold out in a finger snap? Well, good news, the lipstick is making a comeback and if you ask me, this entire fall collection will be at least as popular and will sell out in no time as well.

I’m already super excited. In the first place for the packaging, I mean, it’s rose gold! Can’t get any better than that. The colors also look fabulous, I’m mostly excited about the powder blush duo, cream colour base, the ‘Her Cocoa’ eye shadow quad and brow liner!

Here’s a preview of what we can already add to our wish list:

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